Looking back: my first published story, in 2001

Up until 2001, I had been working as a photographer for the local “Smithfield Observer,” which also published the “Johnston Sun Rise” and the North Providence “North Star.”  In November, 2001, I was looking for what the paper called “an enterprise” shot – something not assigned, but fun or noteworthy. I had heard a report on the local evening tv news about a pig on the lam in Johnston, Rhode Island, and the next day, I thought I’d go see if the pig was still around to photograph. I got the photo – and some details. My editor at the time, Larry Sasso, suggested I write something. What, me a reporter??   I told him there was more to the story that I had returned with – he had his daughter Lauren call around and get the rest of the story (update) – and this was the result – my first published story (I think Lauren really wrote most of it). I continued to write and take photos for the “Smithfield Observer” until it was sold in 2006 to the “Valley Breeze.”

Pig on the lam story part 1Pig on the lam story part 2.jpg


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